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My name is Terri L. Hamilton, not to be confused with the “Dr. Terri Hamilton” who’s a life coach in California.

I’ve decided to blog on “Sense of Wonder” for several reasons. First and foremost, I like it. “Sensawunda” is probably what attracts most of us to fantasy and science fiction. And that quality is what I wanted to evoke when I first started writing fiction, way back in the Golden Age, i.e. approximately age 12 ;-).

I lost track of that for a long time, and I’m wanting to reconnect with it. So this will be a bit of a self-study, a place where I can “think aloud” about sensawunda… and with any luck, get some feedback. I’ll be tickled if you point me to a source I never heard of.

Let me reiterate, IANAE on sensawunda! I’m here to explore the concept. The great thing about that is, it allows me to range over many possible topics: books, movie, travel, nature, spirituality, home decorating… you never know!

Announcing the Sensawundameter! This is my evaluation of the level of sensawunda in a book or movie.

The Sensawundameter will work like a movie rating: a scale of 1 to 5. Please bear in mind that this rating has nothing to do with the overall quality of the work. There are plenty of works that get 5 stars in a movie rating that don’t have a lick of sensawunda. A Sensawundameter of 1 doesn’t mean it’s bad or I don’t like it. Just means it doesn’t have any sensawunda in it.



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