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Reader wonder March 3, 2007

Posted by sensawunda in Books.

superfastreader’s review turned me on to The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel, by Diane Setterfield, and I’m so glad she did!

(btw, at the moment her blog seems to be down… but try clicking on the “superfastreader” link in my Blogroll anyway)

It’s a quiet modern Gothic. The protagonist is the ultimate bookworm… her life is the stuff of fantasy, not because she is a great adventurer—but because she gets to read books all the time! Setterfield captures the appeal of that… she explains sensawunda, and then proceeds to create it.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Thirteenth Tale. This is a novel to curl up with in a wing-back chair in front of a fire.

Sensawundameter: woodwand.jpgwoodwand.jpgwoodwand.jpgwoodwand.jpg



1. sulz - March 3, 2007

you haven’t quite elaborate on the plot, but i’m piqued enough. i think i’ll give it a go if i see it in the library.


2. sensawunda - March 18, 2007

That’s because I don’t care for spoilers, so I try not to put them out! If my post gets someone interested in reading the book, my job is done. 🙂

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