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I’m baaaack… October 17, 2006

Posted by sensawunda in Uncategorized.

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since May. It must be a May-October thing. Ba-dump. OK, bad joke.

Granted, I relocated, and my husband couldn’t help with any move-related tasks because he had surgery, and I had to leave him behind for 6 weeks because he had a second surgery the day before we were scheduled to be out of our house, and then after I got up here I developed some health problems of my own, and even though I’m doing somewhat better now, I still have boxes in every room except the bathroom…

I didn’t read any fiction during that period. I don’t think I even read any BOOKS for months. Just magazines. I saw some movies, but apparently none of them prompted me to blog. The only one that made me think about blogging was the Hallmark Channel’s sequel to the MERLIN miniseries, but I couldn’t quite generate the energy to pan something. Even Sam Neill couldn’t save that script, though he strove valiantly.

I’ve just added another blog to my blogroll. superfastreader has tons of book reviews, in a mind-boggling array of categories, and is also a fellow WordPress blogger. I think that’s what woke me up to blogging again. Check it out. Wish I was a super fast reader! Or even just a kinda fast reader.

Back soon with a blog about a book I can praise!



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