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Girl with a Pearl Earring December 17, 2005

Posted by sensawunda in Books, Movies.

I read the book first (ok, I listened to the audiobook) and then I watched the movie. Maybe that spoiled me — the movie lacked some nuances that I felt were important. Although I hear the movie has generated quite a lot of tourist traffic at the home of Vermeer. I’m afraid I’m a bit cynical about that… a bunch of people who never heard of Vermeer and STILL don’t know why he’s important to art history get interested just because someone makes a movie about him with Colin Firth and a touch of sexual tension. (let’s face it… it’s the sexual tension that did it)

To be fair, I do have to say that the movie was about as faithful to the book as movie versions get. They left stuff out in the interest of time, of course, but no liberties were taken with the overall plot or characterizations.

The book succeeded where the movie failed in drawing me into Griet’s discovery of art and the gradual dawning of her understanding of color, light, and composition. That and the descriptions of life in 1660’s Delft are where the sensawunda came in for me.

Book: WandWand
Movie: Wand



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